Member bios

Jacqui Kasper (Jaq) - Lead Vocals & Percussion
Jacqui is a seasoned professional with decades of stage performance experience coast to coast. Her high energy vocals and stage antics engage a crowd from start to finish. She likes to get the crowd involved, don't be shy, She's coming for you!
Some of her more successful projects include Area 51, Felony and Hot Property.
Jacqui uses Sennheiser microphones 

Frank Kasper - Lead Vocals, Guitar & Keys
Franks gritty vocals, dynamic guitar playing and tasteful keyboard additions have been entertaining RocKHaven audiences for years.
A few of Franks projects include Thinline, The Blacksheep and Rockingbird Lane.
Frank uses Ibanez, Shechter, Fender, Gibson and Yamaha guitars with Line 6 amplification and Roland keyboards. 

Paull Lett - Bass Guitar
Paul's exemplary bass tones drive the RocKHaven experience. "How many basses do you have Paul?" 25 at last count....Oh my!
Paul is a seasoned professional. Some of his previous projects include Street Lyfe, Whiskey Slough and Rockingbird Lane.
Paul uses Musicman and Fender basses with an Ampeg power plant and Hartke cabs. 

Steve McKinney – Guitar

Steve is a Kentucky native who came to California just out of High School in 1983 and decided to stay. Steve comes from a musical family with mom, dad, uncles, aunts and cousins all playing and performing. Steve carried on the tradition and started playing the guitar around age 7. He’s been going hot and heavy ever since. Steve loves the southern rock styles of Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Molly Hatchett and ZZ Top along with arena rock artists like Journey, Styx and REO Speed Wagon. He also has a deft hand for funk and country. Steve is a multi-genre player with decades of performance experience under his belt and an eye/ear for detail. You’ll hear it in his playing. Steve enjoys Schechter, Dean and Gibson guitars with Marshall amplification

 Esmie Bartolome - Drums

Esmie is the driving force behind the RocKHaven experience. His solid, in the pocket beats keep the train rolling all night long. Esmie has been a performing artist with various projects in the Central Valley and Bay area for over 20 years. This includes various recording projects and Live acts. Esmie began his musical journey at the age of 15 and has been knocking out those thundering, precision beats ever since.  Some of Esmie's influences include Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and Stewart Copeland of the Police. Tama drums paired with Zildjian cymbals and a drive for perfection with metal undertones and a hard hitting pocket groove, help define the RocKHaven experience.

 Merrill Lehrer - Keyboards & Piano

Merrill has been rockin the ivories since he was 13 years old. Hailing from the New York metropolitan area, he is no stranger to every major rock artist that came through the city. As a teen, Merrill studied classical music for a number of years, but then changed direction when he hired a professional instructor who was trained by Goldie McJohn, keyboard wizard of Steppenwolf. Taking part in the "Battle of the Bands" in that era, Merrill was often on stage. However, in the years that followed, work and career took over. But starting in the 90's, Merrill returned to music and was on stage again performing corporate events for multibillion dollar retailers/websites. In recent years, Merrill has been rocking the stage in Florida, San Diego, Santa Cruz, the Bay Area and various cover bands in the Sacramento area. During that same period, he has intermixed a handful of solo performances. Merrill uses Roland synthesizers and powerplants to shred those smokin keyboard riffs and fills. Merrill is a huge contributor to the RocKHaven machine.



Frank Kasper 209-756-6928

Jacqui Kasper 209-777-1494